Having 2 Trick Dog Champions and the only All Star Trick Dog Trainer of the year in the South Island of New Zealand;  I know a few things about tricks here at Remarkable Dogs! However we are always learning new ones -everyday.....Never stop having fun! So! Join in the trick fun!

Tricks are amazing fun, see how trick training can benefit you:

1) They are fun for you & your dog

2) Encourages a positive relationship

3) Tricks are fun to show others

4) Tricks help with behaviour management, from distraction to focus.

5) You spend time with your dog!

6) You can earn trick dog titles with us from Novice to Champion.

7) Provides physical and mental challenges for your dog

"Trick training not only provides physical and mental challenges for the dog; it also provides a rewarding experience for the owner, and encourages a relationship based upon clear communication and positive reinforcement training methods."


If you would like to earn official trick dog titles here are the lists of tricks per level: Novice Intermediate/Advanced/ExperChampion.


All you need to do is film your dog doing the tricks and post them up on our free Facebook trick group.  I'll witness them for free and done! 


I run online bi-weekly Tuesday 7pm live evening classes for different levels to help you to learn, whatever your level, doing titles or just doing purely for fun!

There are lots of options from complete beginners to champions to get you into 'tricking'....

Unsure of where to start?  Drop me an email or call :-)


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