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Small Terrier

Prevention is better than cure

At Remarkable Dog Training we specialise in all things dog. We are not an 'add on service'.  We are trained up to the 'eye-balls' and officially certified in dog psychology, dog behaviour, dog communication, up to date with dog scientific research, dog first aid, dog development, dog training, dog fitness, dog tricks, dog sports.....I think you get the picture!  

I started concentrating on puppy development as day in day out I was seeing so many dog behavioural issues that can take a long time 'to fix' (if ever) which generally came from experiences as a puppy.  From watching bits of Youtube, to lack of or bad socialisation and habituation...they all have a role to play.  

I am here to help you get it right from the start and all the way through your training journey.  Positive training for a positive, fun dog & family life. 

Not sure where to start or what to book? Drop me a message!