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To Puppy School or not?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Puppy schools can be really awesome for your new wee pup. However, you have to be careful about what experiences they have at such a young age, as this can make or break the rest of the years you have together! Eeekkk! The pressure!

As a pup, you generally get them at 8 weeks old. You then have only a few weeks up until 16 weeks old where they have made most, if not all of their assumptions on the world. It's an important time, not to be wasted.

I hear this quite a lot nowadays "I've had dogs before - I don't need puppy school" or "I've done some online videos - I don't need puppy school".

This means you have possibly been to what I would call an 'old-skool' puppy class.

Old-skool puppy classes are often badly managed, crowded and teach irrelevant and out-dated things.

ANY dog and ANY age can learn sits, downs and obedience.