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5 tricks to get your dog to stop pulling their leash

OK, so you are now officially bored of being dragged down the street? Great! let's get you going the right way forwards :-)

  1. Do not let your dog practice pulling on the leash

Simple. Right?! Basically, the more your dog practices pulling, the more they think that is what a walk is. You have to go back before going forward. Eliminate your walks temporarily. It is an age old mis-conception that dogs need walks. Don't get me wrong, yes, they need exercise, they need stimulation and yes, walk soon.....but not if it is stressful and/or the behaviour you'd like. Think about mental stimulation at the moment.

2. Make the leash not mean anything!

Think about it this way - If you only get your leash out for a vet-visit for example, and every time they go to the vets they have injections or not so pleasant experiences, then the leash is now not fun. Leash = unpleasant experiences. Make the leash not mean anything! Do you keep the leash in a certain drawer or cupboard? Take it out of the drawer and move it to another place, so it doesn't always mean "walk". Put the leash on your dog and just get them dragging it around the house (make sure this leash has no handle so won't get tangled). If your dog is over-excited before a walk, you are not going to set off nice and calm.

3. Show your dog what you want!

Durr! Yeah, ok, but so far you've told your dog a walk is pulling you around! So, yes, show them a walk is nice and relaxing now. What do you want? I just want my dog to have a loose-leash, I don't really care if he is slightly in-front, just not pulling. Stick with your choice.

4. Start training in a calm not excitable environment

Start training loose-leash in your garden, with no children or other pets around. Just you and your once pulling friend! With less excitement, you can gain more focus. Get a LOOK cue, where your dog looks in your eyes. See our youtube channel video for this.

5. Don't keep pulling on your dog's leash to 'correct' them going forward and pulling.

They just think it's part of the plan! The dog still wants to go forward and every-time you keep going forward you are rewarding your dog for that behaviour. Get focus from your dog with LOOK and reward. Start by walking around and going with your dog and keeping the leash loose at all times. Make attention noises or say your names name and reward with food at your feet - making being close to you very valuable.

There is more to it, but this 5 tricks will get you on the right track!

Flip @ Remarkable Dog Training

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