Training through play!

Our face to face classes are great affordable ways for you and your dog to 'work' and 'play' around others. We train through concepts, positive training and the latest scientific based methods, to get the best results to transform your dog!


We have classes that range from Puppy-pre School alongside VET ENT in Queenstown, Advanced Puppy School, Pup Socials, Adult Meet & Greets, Walking & Recall groups, Calm & Crazy, Boundaries, Dog Agility & our popular Dog Stars class.


Keep an eye out on our facebook page or email for more details. Classes start when there is an interest with a minimum of 4 dogs.

Classes, seminars and workshops are held in various locations from our Queenstown Training Centre, Arrowtown, Cromwell, Alexandra & Wanaka.  If you have a group of you that want a private group rate around the area, let me know!


Upcoming Classes
Meet & Greet: Play session
Loose-Leash & Recall - 2 weeks
Dog Tricks for Beginners
Meet & Greet: Play session
Puppy Pre-School (8 to 16wks old)
Puppy School: FUNdamentals
Meet & Greet: Play session

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Dog Trainer - Obedience, Tricks, Agility & Behaviour

Training Through Play #remarkabledogsnz

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