We'll update the schedule when we announce new classes.  Class duration is 1 hour each week unless stated otherwise. To sign up please use the form below along with dropping your payment into our account to confirm your spot.  If you are unsure of what class would suit you or you would like a private appointment please call 0277 412020 or email:

Puppy Pre School - 6pm Monday 30th March

4 weeks - $80 (8wk - 16wks)

Safe meets & greets, successful toilet training, noise and object desensitisation, basic obedience, social interactions and lots more to get the puppy you wanted! 

Puppy Advanced - 7.15pm Monday 30th March

4 weeks - $80 (16wks or finished pre-school - 12months)

Fun tools to help you with heel, recall, fitness, tricks and relationship building. Game based.

K9's got Talent - 8.30pm Monday 30th March

4 weeks - $80 (4 months + or finished Puppy Advanced)

Lots of fun and useful tricks to help with your relationship, bond and of course to show off to family and friends! You can even earn official trick titles. All levels from complete beginners to 

advanced in this class.

Basics & Boundaries - 6pm Wednesday 8th April

6 weeks - $120 (10months+)

Getting the basics solid from loose leash walking to a STOP command to working with boundaries and arousal. 10 months+

Crazy & Calm - 7.15pm Wednesday 8th April

6 weeks - $120 (6 months+)

Have you a 'high dog' always very over excited?  Chases rabbits?  Chases cars? Cannot control their energy? or just pretty crazy?  This is for you! We'll aim to get the calm and crazy switch under your control! 

Clicker Dog Zen Training - 8.30pm Wednesday 22nd April

4 weeks + pre class private 20min appointment - $120

Working with the Mark Vette Zen concepts. Open to any aged dog from 12 weeks +. From basic commands to safe meets and greets along with a few fun tricks! This has 4 weeks in classroom and a private 20min 1 to 1 for concept training.

Puppy Social Sessions & Life Skills - Fridays & Saturdays

Starting from April Friday mornings you can drop your pup 12wks+ in a safe learning environment for a 3hrs session with other pups! This will be available at weekends for mums and dad workshops too! 

Kidz & K9's holiday programme - 10am 20th - 24th April

Working on obedience, tricks, agility and games, great bonding and fun for all kids under 16yrs. Saturday club is also available.

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