Hi! I'm Flip and I founded Remarkable Dogs NZ.  Based in picturesque Arrowtown; Remarkable Dogs was formed by the need to offer affordable, fun, safe professional dog training in the Queenstown, Central Otago/Southern-Lakes region of New Zealand.  You wouldn't get a dentist to operate on your foot right? Makes no sense! Training the wrong way can create habits and issues that are much harder to break than doing it right from the start! We can show you that right direction from years of experience with puppies to rescued dogs.

"Training through play!"

Here at Remarkable Dogs we offer fun positive professional dog training in the form of games, shaping & workshops, to relationship building, puppy training, trick training, behaviour issues to dog agility.

We turn struggles into strengths. No matter what issue you and your furry friend need to sort or embrace....anxiety, fear, un-wanted behaviours, aggression etc. We can help! We'll get you in the right place using positive methods and a way that'll be fun for you and your dog! 


I've over 20 years of dog training here in Queenstown, New Zealand and internationally in the UK.

I've 2 dogs Alfie (a Cavoodle I've had since a pup) and Jack (my rescued Bearded Collie X).  


Alfie is a cheeky boy, he is in the highest grades in dog agility and jumpers in New Zealand with a few challenges away from being a New Zealand Dog Agility Champion. He has his ADXA SILVER (Agility Dog Excellence Advanced) award and JAX (Jumpers Advanced Excellent award).  He also is an international Trick Dog Champion (TDCH).


Jack is such a sweet boy, with a few issues we are working through from rehab on his shoulder injury to hyper and fearful reactivity. He is an international Trick Dog Champion (TDCH) and has gained a 1st place in Elementary A in dog agility. He has come along way! So proud of him!

I volunteer doing pre-adoption and post adoption support and training for dog rescue societies (Dunedin Dog Rescue, Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue and more!). I also teach Pet & Human First Aid.

Can't wait to play some games, click those clickers and get you and your dog in a perfect place!



Association of Pet Dog Trainers New Zealand (APDTNZ)

International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) 

Dogs New Zealand (formally New Zealand Kennel Club)

Queenstown Dog Agility Club (founder)

Some of our accreditations:

Karen Pryor Academy - Dog Trainer

Diploma in Canine Behaviour

Diploma in Canine Communication

Diploma in Pet Psychology

Certified Trick Dog Trainer (Trainer of the year)

Certified Pet First Aid NZ Instructor

Certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach

Pro Dog Trainer

Pro Dog Trainer Geek 


Mentorship - 2020 ThinkDog: Hannah Sadgrove & Lewis Nicholls (March - present)

Mentorship - 2020 Mark Vette - Dog Zen

Attended - 2020 Canine Arthritis Management with Hannah Capan

Attended - 2020 K9 KITEA Intro to Nosework Workshop with Gaye Stammers

Attended - 2020 Shape Up Agility Camp with Justine Davenport & Rebecca McKay

Attended - 2020 Tracy Sklenar Agility Workshop (4 days)

Mentorship - 2019 Mark Vette Queenstown Mentorship/Shadowing (5 days)

Attended - 2019 Mark Vette: The Art and Science of Transforming Dog Behaviour (Advanced)

Attended - 2019 APDTNZ Conference with Ken Ramirez (4 days)

Attended - 2019 Chris Zink, the world leading coach in Canine Sport Medicine workshop

Attended - 2019 Tracy Sklenar Agility Workshop (1 day)

Attended - 2019 Shape Up Agility Camp with Justine Davenport & Rebecca McKay

Attended - 2018 Mark Vette - The Art and Science of Transformation Dog Behaviour (Foundations)

Attended - 2018 Shape Up Agility Camp with Justine Davenport & Jessica Patterson

Remarkable Dogs NZ - Queenstown

Dog Trainer - Obedience, Tricks, Agility & Behaviour

Training Through Play #remarkabledogsnz

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