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Meet Flip - Your Favourite Queenstown Dog Trainer & Behaviour  Consultant

Passionate. Patient. Professional. Positive. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe me. I know each dog and owner is different, and I’ll work with you to get the training and guidance needed. Whether you’re thinking about getting a puppy, have a re-home, or already own a dog with behavioural problems, or want to learn something fun - I am here to help.

I'm a member of APDTNZ, IAABC, Dogs NZ and use positive, scientific based training to get the best long lasting results. Training through play. I've been a professional certified dog trainer for over 10 years in New Zealand.  I am also a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Pro Dog Trainer, Pet First Aid Instructor & Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach. I'm a self-proclaimed dog training geek; along with many professional canine behaviour qualifications, I'm always up-skilling, learning, adapting and geeking up. I actively help rescue centres across NZ to re-home and provide training support. 

The original Remarkable Dog is Alfie,  the coolest, most clever dude that came into my life, that sadly left too soon in Feb 2021 at 8yrs old.  We miss him so much.  I had Alfie from a pup.  He is the first Trick Dog Grand Champion & the only Canine Conditioning Fitness Champion in New Zealand. He has his ADXA GOLD (Agility Dog Excellence Advanced) Gold title and competed in the highest levels in Dog Agility. I've currently 2 rescued Bearded Collie's Jack & Bear. 

My aim is that everyone has fun with their dog, whether it's a nice loose-leash walk, dog relaxing whilst you drink at a cafe, great manners, to off leash recall to fun tricks to scent work to dog agility! 

Enjoy your time with your dog - everyday is a gift.


Alfie - Cavoodle (2012-2021)

The OG Remarkable Dog, Trick Dog Grand Champion, Canine Conditioning Fitness Champion, ADXA Gold (Agility Dog Excellent Advanced) & JAB


Jack - Bearded Collie X (rescue) 6yrs old

Trick Dog Champion & Canine Conditioning Fitness Level 3


Bear - Bearded Collie X (rescue) 2yrs old

Expert Trick Dog, Pet First Aider & Kids in Schools QLDC Programme